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Print Helper: Batch and Automatic Printing Software

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Batch Printing Software:
Print Helper & Converter 3.0

by DCI (Design, Create & Implement)

Prints Excel, Word, Text, PDF and any image formats, FTP client to download files through FTP

New features in Print Helper 3.0: Convert any file to image formats! Convert many files to one or multiple TIFF image files.

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Multiple license discounts are available.

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User manual


Print Helper automates printing or conversion process of popular types of files. All documents that require printing can be selected and processed at once. PrintHelper helps you organize and batch print Word, Excel, PDF, Power Point, Microsoft Publisher, text, log, image and many other file types. Unique features: automatic Excel and image resizing; FTP client; scheduled batch print. No additional software required printing most of file types. The following Print Helper modules are available: Print Helper Batch Print (batch printing of PDF, images, text, and MS Office files), Print Helper Converter (batch converter) and Print Helper Full (includes batch printing and conversion). New features: LSR (laser data file produced by analytical equipment), MS Publisher and batch ZIP support. Batch 

Converter converts any type of file to image formats including TIFF. Multiple files (text, office, or images) can be converted to separate TIFF files or to a single TIFF file.

Print Helper: Batch Printing Software

Awards won by 
Print Helper:

5 Stars Pick


Rated 5 Stars at SharewarePlaza

Rated 4 Bulls at BullDownload

Rated 5 Stars at FreeTrialSoft

Free Downloads

5 stars rated on

Get it from CNET!

Only PrintHelper offers unique Excel, Image and Report options
  • Automatic step by step resizing system which enables the document fitted to a page, 
  • Choice of page order you would like printed.
  • Like no other program, PrintHelper provides your with automatic resizing as well as rotation of images
  • Detailed report printed, with your choice, after each file, folder and a final report at the end
  • An option of using a different printer feeder with possible different color paper serving you as a fast and easy file/folder locator.
What does the PrintHelper do?
  • Prints any type of files (different extensions) automatically including subfolder
  •  Enables you to select and print files by name or extension
  • Contains FTP client to download files through FTP for future printing
  •  *Incorporates Various Excel options, including automatic step by step resizing of your file and enabling the document to fit into a page
  • Allows you to select desirable printing sequence when working with Excel files - down and over or over and down
  • Automatically prints all available tabs in Excel file
  • Automatically provides resizing of image files to fit into a page
  • Detects landscape or portrait format and rotates the image accordingly
  • Detailed report printed (based on selected option) after each file, folder, final report at the end
  • The option of using different feeder with color paper serves you as a fast and easy means to locate your file.
Who are the PrintHelper users?
  • Printing companies that print large numbers of documents for their clients. PrintHelper is ideal to print text, Excel, and image files with convenient reporting options.
  • Transcription industry users, such as doctor offices where many PDF files are downloaded through FTP for future printing.
  • Anybody who prints Excel documents. PrintHelper automatically resizes and rotates documents.
  • Anybody who prints graphic images. PrintHelper automatically resizes and rotates images.
  • Anybody who prints graphic images, but does not have appropriate applications installed. PrintHelper prints most of image formats without external applications!
Supported File Types

PrintHelper provides automated printing for the following file types

Document and Text Formats

  • DOC - Microsoft Work;
  • PDF - Portable Document Format;
  • XLS - Excel format
  • PPT - Microsoft Power Point
  • TXT - Text format
  • RTF - Rich Text Format
  • ANY - Any files can be printed as a TXT format (SQL, BAT, LOG, PHP, INI, PAS, CPP, PL, LST, ...)

Image Formats

  • TIF - Image format
  • TIFF - Image format
  • JPG - Image format
  • JPEG - Image format
  • GIF - Image format
  • BMP - Image format
  • CUT - Image format
  • ICO - Image format
  • LBM - Image format
  • JNG - Image format
  • COA - Image format
  • MNG - Image format
  • PBM - Image format
  • PCD - Image format
  • PCX - Image format
  • PGM - Image format
  • PNG - Image format
  • PPM - Image format
  • PSD - Image format
  • RAS - Image format
  • TGA - Image format
  • WBMP - Image format
  • XBM - Image format
  • XPM - Image format
  • ANY - Any image files, which were created by user with custom extension
System Requirements

Operating System:  Windows 98, NT, XP, ME, 2000.

For automatic printing of PDF files: Adobe Acrobat 6.0
For automatic printing of XLS files: Microsoft Excel (97 or above)
For automatic printing of DOC files: Microsoft Word (97 or above)
For automatic printing of PPT files: Microsoft Power Point

No additional software is required to print other file types!

Try it for free now!

Mirror Websites: Mirror 1 | Mirror 2


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